Some days…

I had the brilliant (I thought) idea to do a photo/video of the salmon making a late fall run up Red Hill creek in Hamilton. I started Monday, spending part of the afternoon in pursuit of a photo. Of course, anyone can point a camera into the water and get a picture of a fish. I wanted something better. I would use my GoPro camera, plop it into the creek, and capture something great. I soon learned that fish are inherently smarter than me, so finished the day with exactly zero worthwhile pics or video to show for my efforts. Since I also hate to lose in situations like these, it was now game on – man vs. fish.
I headed back to the creek today. Took a quick look at the locations of the fish (which, by the way, are plentiful) and hatched a plan. I found a rocky spot where the fish would have to swim through as they head upstream, and set my GoPro back in the water. I took up residence on the far shore, with a second camera on a tripod. Double video, double results. This time, it was gonna be great!
I watched as several salmon gathered in the pool near the rocky rise. Jostling about, getting ready to continue their journey upstream. Everything coming together nicely, until….the sun came out.
Within 5 minutes, all my wonderful fishes had retreated to deeper water in the shade. And stayed. And stayed. There was not a cloud within 800 miles of my location; just blue sky and bright sun. I could feel my opportunity slipping away.
I returned after lunch. I waited patiently, watching as clouds finally began to roll in from the west. With overcast conditions, I set up the 2 cameras again, and waited. A half hour later, no fish had gotten even remotely close again. The fish were now thumbing their gills at me from some hidden location.
Humbled and beaten, I left soon after. After all, a guy can only take so much. -Barry Gray


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