MS Society of Canada Inaugural mud run in Stoney Creek

On Sept 27, 2014  hundreds of individuals  up to the challenge of ending MS , ran ,climbed,   jumped and crawled through 15 obstacles  over a  5k course as part of   Muck MS Canada. Participants  put up a fight against MS  by completing obstacles such as Hell Hole, Spiders Nest, Confident Climb,  and gator Mud Pit. Photos by Kaz Novak

193 Mudders 178 Mudders




169 Mudders 165 Mudders 155 Mudders 093 Mudders 120 Mudders 126 Mudders 135 Mudders 142 Mudders 089 Mudders 083 Mudders 065 Mudders 051 Mudders 048 Mudders 038 Mudders

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