Zombie walk the core

DSC_2707photos by John Rennison/The Hamilton Spectator

Zombie’s gathered in Gore Park Saturday for the 8th annual Zombie Walk and food drive.


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6 Comments on “Zombie walk the core

  1. Glad it’s so huge every year! The first Hamilton Zombie Walk actually took place in 2005 (and was documented by a wedding photographer).

  2. How incredibly two faced the Hamilton Spectator is….you can post here all the gruesome pictures of make-believe ghoulish characters from Saturday’s Zombie walk. Yet the minute a REAL – TRUE picture of a child murdered in the womb is exposed via posters, post cards, choice chain events etc., to show TRUTH of what happens 275 times per day in Canada, you cry out “spare the children…what will they think…they won’t be able to handle it…it’s gruesome…its ugly….please stop! ” and your mantra continues. Now explain these pictures where so-called parents are willing to subject INTENTIONALLY their SMALL YOUNG children to this absolute nonsense with no concern whatsoever of how the children will react. Next time you see PRO-LIFE activism I want to see the Hamilton Spectator there and photographing and showing on this web site the reality of what abortion looks like for real. It would seem that people really CAN stomach it, but not their conscience! Let’s cut the double-speak! Your out cries on graphic victim images of aborted babies mean NOTHING as you and all the participants have just proved!

    • Tim, I would agree with you that this is a bit of nonsense but there is still a difference between the world of costume and fantasy versus real life. I can imagine what an aborted fetus looks like, but seeing an actual photo of one is not going impact my values or principles.

    • Tim, what do Halloween costumes and the Zombie walk have to do with abortion?! Oh and by the way, abortion ISN’T murder. If I had have gotten preggo before I got my tubes tied at 25 years old, I can promise I’d be skipping to the clinic. Go rant somewhere else. The Zombie Walk is neat and brings the community together for some Halloween fun and I’m sure brings some business to Hamilton…

      • What is abortion? Life is defined as having the ‘capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.’ If the child in the womb wasn’t alive, abortion wouldn’t be necessary. Abortion ends life. So actually abortion is murder of the youngest members of our human family.

  3. It’s a charity food drive for f*ck sakes. Take your religious opinion somewhere else, cunt.

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