Hagersville Tire Fire – 25 Years Later

25 years ago today, a fire started at a tire recycling facility just south of Hagersville, Ontario. Started by local youths, it quickly grew to become the biggest news story of the time, drawing attention from around the world. The fire burned for 17 days, drove 4,000 people from their homes, and involved more than 250 firefighters. Today, there is no sign of the conflagration that was, just a locked gate and an overgrown, snowy field. Here’s a look at then, and now. – Barry Gray

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9 Comments on “Hagersville Tire Fire – 25 Years Later

    • My dad passed at age 68 from a number of nasty cancers!

    • My grandfather, Larry Jones, is the fireman in the 4th photo. He is still alive and well – he is Mr. J from Mr. J’s taxi in Caledonia.

  1. This was a very sad event…but definitely not 25 yrs ago. I remember exactly where I was when the black smoke started, which means it was at most 20 yrs ago. I was getting in my car…pretty sure I didn’t have a license and own vehicle when I was 11.

    • This fire was alarmed on Feb 12 1990. Exactly 27 years ago. Probably the toughest and longest fire a firefighter would ever encounter. Could be seen for miles and miles day and night. Hats of to the team for this incredible battle.

  2. At least five (5) of these photos were taken by the first photographer on the scene…Paul Hourigan from The Hamilton Spectator

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