Even dogs having a tough winter



Top row, l to r, Pepper with owned by Jane LaBatte, PJ and Jube dressed for the weather owned Stephanie Crumpy and Memphis owned by Amy Kenny. Middle row, l to r, Sasha with owner Aleksandra Barick, Punchy is five kinds of terrier and a rescue from the St. Catharines pound saved by owner May Toth and Pipa, who had to have top four teeth pulled to deal with over bite before being rescued by owner Celia Lane. Bottom row, l to r, Benji wearing a sweater and a t-shirt with Jessica Hummel. She found in taped in a box with his litter in the garbage in South Korea where she rescued him. She was able to adopt out the others to American service families, Ginger, 6, owned Rebecca Costie, who was embarrassed to be caught out with miss matched socks on Ginger’s feet, and Hercules, 1-1/2, owned by Alysha Clinton


Photos by John Rennison

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