Living with Partial Trisomy 13

Gabby Horner-Shepherd lunges at the photographer after being intrigued by the photographer as her mother Shannon and brother Justin, 12, tries to get her to release her grip. John Rennison The Hamilton Spectator 7/30/15

Photos by John Rennison

Gabby Horner-Shepherd, 17, has Partial Trisomy 13, a rare genetic disorder caused by part of an extra chromosome 13 in her cells.  She has the capacity of a toddler and requires constant care and attention.

Her condition is so unique, Gabby’s life expectancy is unkn

own.  She has already out lived the predictions of doctors when she was born.

Gabby’s mother Shannon is a single mother with twin 12-years-olds too.

Gabby is extremely strong and can injure easily, although her motivation does seem to be aggression.

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