Darcy Hepner’s Jazz Orchestra

As part of the winter Jazz at the GasWorks series, the Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra orchestra performed big band swing to a packed house. The concert series is a fundraiser for An Instrument for Every Child. Next show is March 10 when Barbara Lica and her band hit the stage at the Park Street Gas Works. Tickets are available at https://aninstrumentforeverychild.ca/hepner1 It was a packed house, sold out show. hepner4 hepner5 Singer Sophia Perlman belts out a song. Darcy Hepner, leader of the band, performs a sax solo during one of the songs in the first set. Can the drummer get some? hepner9 hepner10 hepner11 hepner12 hepner13 hepner14

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