Cathie Coward’s Pictures of the Year 2016

5 year old Janelle Junor appears mesmerized by the beat of the drums as her dad Robert ,takes part in a drum circle during the World Music Festival at Gage Park Saturday afternoon.


Greg Lloyd of Burlington is sure that the high winds and resulting huge waves along the Burlington Beach strip have only happen maybe 5 times in past 20 years. He has been kite surfing and wind surfing since he was 14 year old and was in his element kite surfing Thursday afternoon.


Sir Paul McCartney in concert at First Ontario Centre.


A great white egret fishes for lunch in Grindstone Creek at Valley Inn Thursday.


Howard Alderson plays the button accordion during the weekly Waterdown Jam session at the Waterdown Legion. The session attracts anywhere from 30-50 musicians every week coming from as far as Toronto and Niagara. Many are fiddle players but there are also mandolin, piano, accordion, bass and banjo players involved as well. Seniors love the afternoon dances which run from 1pm- 4pm every Thursday all year round. Bass player Iva Alderson says they get such great crowds because lots of seniors don’t drive at night.


95 year old Helen Plye and Merlin Dowling go for a spin on the dance floor during the weekly Waterdown Jam session at the Waterdown Legion.


Victoria Day fireworks hosted by the Dundas Rotary Club at the Dundas Driving Park drew record crowds Sunday night. One estimate put attendance at 19,000.


Patrick Blake Leeper sets a new American record in the double amputee 200 metre race with a time of 21.49. Leeper won the race at McMaster University in the Summer twilight track series.


A Giant Swallowtail butterfly enjoys one of the many butterfly bushes in the Urquhart Butterfly Garden.


Diane Hines and Jay House often share their couch with their pet pig Sheldon while they watch tv in the evening.

Pass interference is called on Laval’s Alex Hovington in a pass intended for Calgary’s Whitman Tomusiak in the 2nd quarter. Calgary went into the half time break up 17-10 in Vanier Cup action at Tim Hortons Field.


Morning sun highlights the web of a female Orchard Orbweaver or Leucauge Venusta – meaning with a bright gleam, beautiful. The tiny green spider in common in Southern Ontario gardens south to Columbia. It is actually the only spider name created by Charles Darwin himself. The spider is usually found in low bushes and is quite timid.


Members of the Sir John A MacDonald Secondary School Division II Junior Girls High School basketball team keep the energy level maxed out on the bench as they anticipate their win over George P Vanier late in the game Monday afternoon. Sir John A MacDonald won the game 47-38.


NOT IMPRESSED- A robin appears completely unimpressed as it faces a bird size mountain of snow in it’s search for breakfast Monday morning. The city received a late Spring dumping overnight Sunday.


Firefighters cool off under the spray from a pumper after fighting a fire at a duplex on Grant Street near Stinson Thursday afternoon. Firefighters were fighting the fire in 34 degree temperatures. No one was injured in the fire, although a cat succumbed to smoke inhalation .Both floors of the two storey brick home incurred extensive damage.


Gemma New conducts the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra Saturday night in their season opening performance at Hamilton Place.


Orchard Park captain Kosta Petrovic sends up a prayer of thanks after his division 2 senior boys football team won the city championship game 17-9 over Nora Frances Henderson. Action took place Thursday at Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster University.


Jon Pitt and his severely autistic 5 year old daughter Nova. Pitt who is petitioning the provincial government to end cut backs in programming for autistic children has an especially close bond with the oldest of his three children – who have all been diagnosed as autistic.

David Hopton competes in the swim portion of the Ancaster High School Dare to Tri Triathlon Friday.


Harry Potter enthusiasts from left -Lynda Waldroff dressed as Sybill Trelawney , Judy Horsley as Professor Minerva Mcgonagall, Lauraine Woods as Professor Sprout, and Rachel Woods as Moaning Myrtle are hosting a party on July 30th for the launch of the eighth Harry Potter book. The party will be at A Different Drummer Books in Burlington.


Hope for Women and Child (HWCO) is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious, non-governmental and socio-cultural organization. The organization held a prayer vigil for the victims of Orlando Massacre. 10 people gathered at City Hall Monday night for a candle lit vigil encouraging peace. Mina Ebadi is seen here lighting a candle at the vigil.


Like any good mother, this mother swan kept her babies sheltered from Monday afternoon’s rain storm, but when the sun came out the cygnets roused awake from the shelter of her wings and were anxious to get moving again. The swan and cygnets soon left the nest and swimming and feeding near the public boat ramp at Bay Front Park.


Magnolia in bloom in the city.


Craig McNeill is appalled that thousands of people in Flint Michigan are being poisoned by their own drinking water. He has already delivered one truck full of water to residents of the city and with the help volunteers and donation he plans to make a second trip in the coming weeks. Flint has been the City of Hamilton partner for 58 years in the goodwill CANUSA Games.


Mayor Fred Eisenberger works around his 4 month old golden doodle Dash at Hamilton City Hall. Dash is the lucky recipient of many walks by City Hall staff and when not out and about he can be found on his bed in the foot well of the mayors desk – or alternatively ripping through the halls of the offices of the mayor.


Smithville farmer John Vuckovic watches the dust run through his fingers in one of his many drought stricken corn fields.


Mike Pattison owner of HomeGrown Hamilton is framed by one of the original wooden window frames found in the old Windsor Hotel building. Patterison and friend Mike Willoughby are renovating the historic space as the new location for his restaurant on King William at John Street. As well as his restaurant the second and third floors of the building will be turned into amazing office spaces featuring loads of window and exposed brick walls.


The Ardita is moved by a tug boat from the dock at Heddle Marine earlier this Spring.The Italian vessel remained in Hamilton Harbour fully crewed into 2017 in an ownership dispute.


The line up was long but it was worth the wait for hundreds of dog and cat owners Saturday morning at Gage Park. The City of Hamilton Public Health Services and Animal Services hosted a low cost rabies vaccine clinic for cats and dogs. For $25.00 cash owners could get their pet vaccinated on a first come first serve basis. The line up started a 7:30 am for the clinic that opened at 9:00am. Susan Harding-Cruz , manager for the Rabies Program for the city says there have been 126 cases of rabies in wild animals this year the highest since 1994.


Behind the scenes with the State Ballet Theatre of Russia-In a dressing room, minutes before the opening act dancer Aliya Khatizova makes alterations to her costume while Tatiana Zhigzhitova puts the finishing touches on her makeup.

Junior kindergarten student Jojo Peter patiently waits for her holiday dinner at Hess Street School Wednesday. The annual holiday lunch for the students is provided by The Hamilton Spectator’s SpecKids Unlimited and St. Charles Adult & Continuing Education Chef Training Program.


All photos by Cathie Coward / The Hamilton Spectator

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  1. Cathie would love to know what lens you use in most of your pictures, in other words your go to lens. Great pictures. Thank you.

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