Goat Yoga!

Julie O’Neill leads the group and the goats (and the chicken and the cat) through an hour long yoga session in the goat barn at Trish O’Meara’s Ancaster farm.

Sue Csetneky enjoys her yoga workout with Spice, black goat and his sister Sugar.

Puss the barn cat checks in with instructor Julie O’Neill.

Sugar the goat nibbles on some low hanging shoelaces during a Goat Yoga session.

Sue Csetneky takes a break to interact with Sugar during goat yoga class.

A resident chicken gets in on the yoga action.

Shelby Pearson gets a visit from Spice during a Goat Yoga session at Trish O’Meara’s Ancaster farm. Denise Reid looks on in amusement.

Reporter Emma Reilly is visited by a goat as she take part in the yoga class.

Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator

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