Tiger Cats BeFit Day at Tim Horton’s Field.

Hamilton Tiger Cats Jeremiah Masoli, Craig Butler, Zach Collaros, and Mike Filer workout with 10 year old Dylan Wilber a grade 5 student at WH Ballard Public School. Dylan and around 1,500 other elementary school students were at Tim Horton’s Field Tuesday taking part in BeFit Day. BeFit Day, supports the Tiger Cat’s community mission of promoting healthy, active, and empowered youth, invites thousands of primary school aged students together to learn about the importance of physical activity and a healthy diet. Tiger-Cats players, cheerleaders and mascot Stripes lead interactive on-field programming, including a warm-up stretch, healthy eating game, cooking session, dance and physical activity.


Hamilton Tiger Cats- Craig Butler and Justin Capicciotti look over the shoulders of Samantha Taube of Glen Echo School and Ana Kersey of Ray Lewis School as they work to make a healthy after school oatmeal snack with Chris Warner, right, Director of Operations for Levy who oversees all the food operations at for the Tiger Cats at Tim Horton’s Field.


Hamilton Tiger Cats- Zach Collaros, and Justin Capicciotti, and Craig Butler help put Lisgar Junior Public School student Mia Stevanovic through her paces in an obstacle course race Tuesday.

Connor McKenna of Queen Victoria School helps Stripes with the Oskee Wee Wee cheer. Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator

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