In the Urquhart Butterfly Garden.

A rainy Summer has resulted in a garden busting with flowers and vegetation providing perfect habitat and feeding grounds for bugs, butterflies, and birds at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden in Dundas. Joanna Chapman founder of the garden reports that recently 16 different species of butterflies were seen in a one hour period. A Common Buckeye, which is very “uncommon” in Southern Ontario was photographed in the garden over the past few weeks. Chapman also reports that an increased number of bird species are nesting in the garden this year making it the perfect summer to head to the garden with your binoculars or perhaps your camera. The annual Urquhart Butterfly Garden Photography Contest is on until  Labour Day. For more information on the photo contest and to check out the schedule of public workshops that take place Saturdays in the garden go to

A Question Mark butterfly feeding on fallen Hackberries.

A Red Admiral butterfly.

A Red Spotted Purple butterfly.

A Red Spotted Purple with it’s wings open.

A Common Evening Brown butterfly.

A Pearl Crescent butterfly on cone flower.

A Monarch butterfly rests on a milkweed plant.

A Clearwing Hummingbird Moth hovers over a Butterfly Bush.

A Vicroy Butterfly on Butterfly Bush.

Spangled Fritillary on Cone Flower.

A Bumble Bee in Bee Balm. Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator 

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