Annual Red Mass at St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral.

Members of different divisions of law enforcement services make up the colour party for the annual Red Mass at St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Wednesday morning. The purpose of the Mass is to seek Divine assistance and blessing for those whose honourable task and grave responsibility is to plead, interpret and apply the law for the welfare of individual persons and common good of society. The Mass is traditionally attended by local lawyers, judges, police and emergency serves personal. The event was sponsored by the St Thomas More Lawyers’ Guild and led by The Most Reverend D.Douglas Crosby.

The Most Reverend D.Douglas Crosby.

Inside the stunning St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral.

Articling Student David Kwasniewski delivers one of the bible readings during the service.


The Mass was sponsored by the St. Thomas More Lawyers’ Guild ( St Thomas More seen in the portrait at the back of the cathedral) and led by The Most Reverend D.Douglas Crosby.


Lawyer Gloria Nardi-Bell Past President, St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild takes part in the Universal Prayer. Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator

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