Binbrook Fair

The 163rd edition of the Binbrook Fair was blessed with sunny skies and summer temperatures as crowds took in the unique fun of a fall fair. Here’s a look. – Barry Gray

Sean McCarthy, 6, is all smiles as a judge examines his baby goat ‘Tulip’ during a competition.

The Luck family – mom Mandy, left, and kids Samantha and Sean, enjoy a spin on one of the midway rides.

Laurann Stavinga guides ‘Gunner’ around a course during a miniature horse competition.

Grayson Thombs, 3, checks out the view behind of wheel of an antique Hamilton Police Car on display.

Matt McCartney stops for a quick selfie with one of the fair mascots.

He’s a winner: 1st Prize in the Brahma Dark Cock category.

Ben Burland, aka ‘The Ben Show’ juggles knives as he closes out his show.

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