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Matthew Kasumovic, 3, does a little surfing off Beachway Park in Burlington with a little help from dad Peter on another sweltering hot day in the area. Photo by: Barry Gray, The Hamilton Spectator.


A rollerblader skates westbound framed by out of focus tiger lilies. With a breeze wafting in from Lake Ontario it makes the trek along the Waterfront Trail on the Hamilton side of the beach strip more bearable for all. PHOTO BY: Gary Yokoyama, The Hamilton Spectator.


Edward McSherry performs for the dinner rush crowd heading home on the corner of James and King Street. He’s originally from Scotland but has been busking in Hamilton for more than 30 years. “And don’t I love the city’s new policy on busking. I think it adds a little culture to the city.” Photo by John Rennison/ Hamilton Spectator


BIKER PARKING ONLY – A tricycle lines up next to a motorcycle in the parking lot at Bayfront Park in west Hamilton. Photo by: Barry Gray, The Hamilton Spectator.


For the 60 yoga practitioners the shade under Hamilton City Hall’s front entrance was the best place to beat the worst of the heat. Yoga sessions conducted by Moksha Hamilton Yoga are every Thursday June- August starting at 12pm City hall with a 45 minute session. PHOTO BY: Gary Yokoyama, The Hamilton Spectator.


Yoga a t City Hall. Photo by Gary Yokoyama / Hamilton Spectator


Wild Waterworks it’s just another selfie moment as Rody Enwawa captures the scene with Amanda Ibrahim along for the ride. Coping with the extreme heat whether it’s working or cooling off at Wild Waterworks. PHOTO BY: Gary Yokoyama, The Hamilton Spectator.


A cabbage white is one of the more common butterflies found in the Urquhart Butterfly Garden. The absence of Monarch butterflies has Joanna Chapman ,founder of the garden, wondering if aerial spraying for gypsy moth earlier this Spring may have killed the monarch eggs and caterpillars. Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator


A Red Admiral photographed in the Urquhart Butterfly Garden. Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator

Monarchs seen enjoying milkweed flowers and Joe Pye Weed were photographed in the meadow at Princess Point on the same day. Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator

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