Cats Lose 39-12 to Bombers.

Hamilton Tiger Cat’s Terrence Frederick, brings down Winnipeg’s T.J .Thorpe during first half action against Winnipeg.

Tiger Cats Damarr Aultman #87 misses a touch down pass late in first half action against Winnipeg. The score was 19-6 at the half.


Cathie Coward/ Hamilton Spectator

In the Urquhart Butterfly Garden.

A rainy Summer has resulted in a garden busting with flowers and vegetation providing perfect habitat and feeding grounds for bugs, butterflies, and birds at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden in Dundas. Joanna Chapman founder of the garden reports that recently 16 different species of butterflies were seen in a one hour period. A Common Buckeye, which is very “uncommon” in Southern Ontario was photographed in the garden over the past few weeks. Chapman also reports that an increased number of bird species are nesting in the garden this year making it the perfect summer to head to the garden with your binoculars or perhaps your camera. The annual Urquhart Butterfly Garden Photography Contest is on until  Labour Day. For more information on the photo contest and to check out the schedule of public workshops that take place Saturdays in the garden go to Read More

Vintage Wheels and Wings

Hundreds of classic cars and the people who love them turned up at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mt. Hope Sunday for Vintage Wheels and Wings, a chance to enjoy old cars, old planes and the memories they conjure. Here’s a look. – Barry Gray

Kitchener’s Gregory Boyington, sporting some gear from the Pacific conflict, examines one of the cars.

As the Lancaster fires her engines, visitors queue up with cameras and phones to get a picture.

An old Pontiac, its chrome engine gleaming, sits in front of a Harvard.

An old Pontiac, its chrome engine gleaming, sits in front of a Harvard.

Photographers had a field day with their subjects.

The Canadian Coach, a replica of the Munster’s car from the popular 1960’s sitcom, was a hit for fans.

The Munster replica car features a plaque signed by Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster on the TV show.

Finding a spot in the shade next to ‘Hot Gen’, to take in the passing cars.

Gavin Norman keeps a shine on his ’64 Vette.

A message to passengers.

John Kaumeyer drives his ’72 Corvette beside a plane to get a picture.

Moving cars in and out of coveted spots just inside the hangar doors.

A crystal skull and hand grenade adorn this souped up Ford.

A unique license plate on one man’s passion.

Trucks, cars, motorcycles – all on display.

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ConBravo! Takes Over Hamilton

Hundreds of cosplay fans, gamers and geeks have descended on Hamilton and the Convention Centre for ConBravo!,  which, as their websites says, ‘is a three-day festival of YouTube, gaming, music, anime, and just about everything else your geeky heart desires.’ Can’t argue with that. Here’s a look at the fun. – Barry Gray Read More

Incredible New Mural at Collective Arts Brewery.

Artist Bruno Revitte who goes by the name Brunosmoky works on his section of the new mural being painted on the exterior beer garden wall at Collective Arts Brewery Monday. Revitte and his wife Elisa Monreal are two of five artists who are contributing their amazing freestyle art to the mural. The project is being funded by both Collective Arts and the Hamilton Port Authority.

Artist Elisa Monreal works on her section of the new mural at Collective Arts Brewery.



“Our hope and vision is for Collective Arts to be a destination for beer, as well as a place to come to experience world-class art and music.  We want to be a creative hub that all Hamiltonians can enjoy and be proud of,” explains Matt Johnston, CEO of Collective Arts Brewing. The artists will be painting each weekend from July 20 to August 13, Friday to Sunday, with beer being served at The Beergarden. Live music, DJs, and food programming will all take place during each weekend.World-renowned artists Brunosmoky, Shalakattack, Peru143 and Chris Dyer will be painting alongside Jordan Warmington, a Hamilton muralist and tattoo artist. – Collective Arts Brewery


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