Getting Tropical in Hamilton

Last week reminded us that yes, this is Canada, it is winter, and it gets cold. Some days, colder than others. There were days last week that felt like I had moved to the dark side of the moon, it was so cold. But there is a place, in Gage Park in Hamilton, where your frozen soul can thaw. There is a tropical greenhouse, complete with birds, fish, bananas, oranges, and a host of tropical plants. And the best part? It’s warm in there – downright tropical, in fact. So the next time you’re feeling blue – as in, your fingers and toes have frozen solid – take a break and visit the tropics. – Barry Gray

gage tropical greenhouse1

gage tropical greenhouse2

gage tropical greenhouse3

gage tropical greenhouse4

gage tropical greenhouse5

gage tropical greenhouse6

gage tropical greenhouse7

gage tropical greenhouse8

gage tropical greenhouse9

gage tropical greenhouse10

gage tropical greenhouse11

gage tropical greenhouse12

gage tropical greenhouse13

gage tropical greenhouse14

gage tropical greenhouse15

gage tropical greenhouse16

Metal as abstract

I had an assignment today touring American Iron & Metal on Windermere Road.

I like shooting detail shots sometimes at my assignments, especially of metal.

The crushed metal at AIM offered lots to shoot with abstract patterns.

JohnDetail9 Detail8 Detail7 Detail6 Detail5 Detail4 Detail3 Detail2 Detail1

Rushing to get climb in

Dan Johnson of Flamborough knew it was late in the day but he was hoping he would get at least one climb in.

He was one of several climbers who climbed Tiffany Falls Thursday afternoon anticipating the approaching warm temperatures might return the falls to running water.

Johnson said it was his first climb at the falls but he has climbed ice fields on Everest after a failed attempt at the summit.  He got to 25,000.

First he climbed the escarpment around the falls so he could secure his top rope.  He then rappelled down and climbed back up using ice axes and his crampons to retrieve his rope.

JohnClimber6 Climber5 Climber4 Climber3 Climber2 Climber1

Saving James Street Baptist Church pipe organ

John Kotlan and Michael Sergi of Northern Organs have been working since last Thursday dismantling the pipe organ inside James Street Baptist Church.  They expect it will take them 12 days to totally remove the organ and its 1,000 pipes.

John Rennison

Michael Sergi dismantles pieces inside the organ's great section, one of four in the organ.

Michael Sergi dismantles pieces inside the organ’s great section, one of four in the organ.

Sergi's feet hand from his perch in the great section.

Sergi’s feet hand from his perch in the great section.

Organ29 Organ30 Organ32 Organ28 Organ27 Organ26 Organ13 Organ14 Organ16 Organ17 Organ18 Organ20 Organ22 Organ23 Organ25 Organ12 Organ10 Organ09 Organ08 Organ07 Organ04 Organ03 Organ02 Organ01

Michael Sergi's tool box built from an old organ.

Michael Sergi’s tool box built from an old organ.

It’s cold down here

I went downtown today looking for people bundled up against the cold.

I was trying for a shot of someone’s breath in the cold air.  Unfortunately it takes the perfect conditions–really cold air and back lighting.

My hands could only take about 15 minutes outside despite my gloves, yet I saw lots of people walking around with bare hands and no hats.

John RennisonCold18 Cold17 Cold16 Cold15 Cold14 Cold13 Cold12 Cold11 Cold10 Cold9 Cold8 Cold7 Cold6 Cold5 Cold4 Cold3 Cold2 Cold1

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